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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Saga Continues...

Well, it's getting to the point where one has to wonder what is really happening in the whole Favre situation. He's apparently filed his papers for reinstatement now, and is expected to report within a day or two. Either the Packers are going to have a media circus or they are going to deal Favre to someone.

For now the Bucs will go on. Garcia reported to camp yesterday and appears ready to continue as the starter and had some amusing quips about being a date for Gruden who doesn't like to marry with respect to QB's. To some degree you have to feel a bit for Garcia, but, then again, he ran his mouth to the public during the off-season and this kind of speculation is the result. Perhaps the Bucs would have been 100% uninterested in Favre if Garcia hadn't made a big deal out of his desire for an extension and pay raise.

In any case, no matter what happens, the Bucs currently have 4 QB's on the roster who have won in at least a game in the NFL. While Simms is unlikely to still be with the team after training camp, he's still here for now, and Griese and McCown bring a lot of talent behind Garcia. The Bucs should be set at this position.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

To Favre...Or Not To Favre?

Well, now that training camp is under way, and I'm finally freeing up some time, it's time to gear up and start running again. I'll have the Fridge schedule posted sometime later this week, but the current media circus will start of what will become a slew of posts in the next couple of weeks.

First and foremost, should Favre become a Buccaneer? The simple answer to this is: YES. Why? Despite the value that Garcia has to the team last year, and would have this season. The reality is that Garcia isn't likely to throw 28 TD's in a season. Yes Favre does throw more picks, but he throws a lot more often, get twice as much yardage, and takes more chances that often win games. I don't think Favre has ever had a defense to stand behind him like he would here. And the Packer teams he's been with during the last few years have been subpar. He's single handily kept them in many games and won many with his skills. He's also started every game since 1992, despite not always having the best offensive line in front of him. Garcia has missed more starts due to injury the last 5 years than Favre has ever missed.

If the Bucs go into this season with Garcia at the helm, they will be better than last year because he's much more familiar with Gruden's offense and he has a much better Center in front of him, and probably one of the most talented assemblages of running backs and tight ends in this league. But that same talent in front of Favre is a weapon that Favre would wield mightily. I can easily envision this team hitting the 400 point mark, or better, this year with Favre at the helm. With this defense, that would translate to a 12 win season. Favre also gives you comeback ability like few other QB's in the game.

Now, will it happen? Well, if I base my opinion on Roy Cummings, whose opinion is wrong 90% of the time, then his article in the Trib today, stating he isn't a fit and isn't likely to come here, would be a strong indicator to me that Favre is packing his bags and getting his plane ticket to Tampa...err...Orlando (got that camp thing going on). It will be interesting to see if this goes down or not. I think the Bucs are a playoff team either way, but Favre gives them a much better chance at home field advantage and at getting to the big dance, where Favre as been twice and won once.

What a fun way to start of the season!