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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sad Week For Bucs Fans

Well, this past few days has brought some bad news. First, former Buc Tight End Ron Hall died. His passing marks the passing of one of the great former players that helped the early team pull out of the losing start and win games giving local fans hope, until the Bucs kicked off the double digit losing years. He'll be missed.

Then, Derrick Brooks mother passed away from her long fight with breast cancer. Brooks has missed the OTA's due to this event, and I hope he'll find the comfort he needs at this time, and can use the Bucs to channel the feelings from the loss. I don't expect to see Brooks participate in team practices until Training Camp. God rest his mother's soul and may he heal emotionally from her loss.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rookie Camps Roll On

The Bucs have had their rookies in for their two mini-camp days on Friday and Saturday. So far Pewter Report seems to think the draft class is living up to it's high expectations. One thing that is evident is the speed and athleticism of this year's group. We should see these guys have a shot at making immediate impacts on special teams. We may also see Piscitelli and Jackson get shots playing safety this year. They may not be starters, but I expect to see them get turns rolling in there for some plays. If Phillips and/or Allen struggle, they'll be replaced quite quickly, as the Bucs don't want to waste too much time getting these two new safeties ready to play the game full-time and helping the defense.

From what I'm hearing and reading I think the Bucs may have finally pulled off a solid second day of the draft. The Bucs haven't had a whole lot of luck on the second day during the last 3 years, and that has hurt them almost as much as the lack of first day picks from the compensation for Gruden. Teams can make or break their future with their day 2 picks and it will be another 3 years or so before we can truly grade this draft, but I've got a good feeling that most of these guys will be sticking around and helping this team. Special teams is going to have some serious speed available to it from this group, and hopefully we'll see many of them get an opportunity to become starters or part-time contributors.