2008 Bucs' Schedule: PNG

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dunn's Back! Antonio Bryant Signs As Well

The Bucs brought back Warrick Dunn to help them out for the next two years. Dunn is still a solid back with good speed and great hands. How much he plays remains to be seen, but he helps fill out the roster and brings back a Buc who should have never left (thanks McKay!), though Atlanta's offer was outrageous.

The Bucs also signed WR Antonio Bryant. He's a very good receiver who played with Galloway in Dallas. He got into some trouble in 2006 for driving too fast and possibly being DUI. We'll see if the Bucs can get someone straightened out, like Pittman, or another Boston. If he's back on the straight and narrow, he could be just what this team needs. I believe the Bucs will still address this spot in the draft, as Bryant isn't a lock to make this team by any stretch.

It will be interesting to see if the Bucs pull any more moves off before the draft.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bucs Sign Ben Troupe! Re-sign The Candy Man!

In a bit of excellent news, the Bucs came to terms with TE Ben Troupe who went to Florida and was drafted in 2004 by the Titans. The Titans really failed to use him properly, and he should be an big time target for Garcia. Troupe is big, has good hands, and is pretty fast for a guy his size. He can block, but his receiving skills are much better. With him and Smith, the Bucs will be able to send to potent receiving targets into the middle of the field out of the two TE sets. Should greatly add to the explosiveness of this offense, and Troupe doesn't have the off-field issues that saddled Stevens.

The Bucs also re-signed Sammy Davis, at least giving the Bucs the same secondary they had for most of last season. The signing cerainly doesn't hurt, and it gives the Bucs some options going forward. I still expect the Bucs to pick a corner in this year's draft, as the CB position is pretty deep.

Now if the Bucs can just address the Wideout spot...