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Monday, September 24, 2007

Slow Updates:

I have to apologize for not getting the game review up today. It should be up tomorrow along with some additional thoughts, but it will be late in the day. The reason for the slow updates is the arrival of my house, in 4 separate modules. My house is going to be installed (set on the foundation) tomorrow morning, but I had to do a lot today to make sure they shipped down and got here on time. Needless to say, this precluded me from developing a good post on the game.

So once my house is up and sealed, and the work crew is pretty much done for the day, I will hopefully find the time to writes some stuff up. For anyone curios a modular house is similar to a built on site frame house, but it's built in large sections in a factory using jigs and templates and computer controlled machines. It's also built stronger to survive shipping, which includes gluing the dry wall to the studs in combination with the standard screws. The modules are then set in place and strapped to the foundation. Instant house (takes about 2-3 weeks to build the modules in the factory and they come 80-90% finished). They shouldn't be confused with manufactured, i.e. mobile, homes which are built on a steel chassis to HUD code. Till tomorrow...


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