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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Buenning Practices/Abraham Likely Out

Well, it appears that Buenning has practiced and that he looks more likely to go, though he's still listed as questionable. If he can play, it will make a big difference in that line, as he's a much better pass blocker than either Mahan or Terry, and one of the best run blockers on the team. The Bucs need to get back to establishing the run, as well as laying off the max protect sets and try to get more weapons out into the patterns.

What may help is that Abraham appears to be Out for this game, and possibly out until week 5. If Abraham is out, that will help a lot. In addition to that, Kerney is probable to play, but that triceps injury is likely to really limit is effectiveness on the field. With Kerney not 100% and Abraham out, the OL should be able to handle the Falcons smallish d-line. If not, we are in trouble.

The only thing that does concern me is Caddy's on-going back spasms. I don't think it will really stop him, but it could limit his touches and that's not a good thing. Look for my Talking Plank tomorrow or Saturday.


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