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Friday, October 05, 2007

Bucs Playing Colts At Right Time?

The Bucs chances to win this Sunday may be going up with the walking wounded in Indy becoming more numerous. The Colts have lost starting SLB Ron Morris is Out this Sunday, as is TE Ben Utecht and Receiver Roy Hall (the last two are back-ups). Starters WR Marvin Harrison, RB Joseph Addai, Will LB Freddy Keiaho, S Bob Sanders, KR/PR/CB TJ Rushing, and back-up WR Aaron Moorehead are all Questionable. None of which, to my knowledge, managed to practice this week.

Needless to say, the Colts are banged up good. While we lost Caddy and Luke, Penn played just about as well last week (I saw no drop-off) and Pittman and Graham have been playing well, and both are actually better receivers than Caddy. Kelly, Buchannon, Spires, and Hilliard all practiced, and look to be ready to go. If Harrison, Addai, and Sanders are scratches, the Bucs odds of winning this game improve drastically. Throw in Keiaho and that's icing on the cake. The Colts should have problems containing the Bucs' rushing attack, so long as the Bucs don't get down big and have to abandon the run.

I'm going to start plugging away on the Talking Plank. It will be up no later than tomorrow afternoon, if not later tonight.


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