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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bucs Make Moves - Clayton To Start

The Bucs, who are getting Jeramy Stevens back from suspension, made a move to release TE Ben Troupe. They clearly expect Stevens to provide more play making ability, though Smith and Gillmore seem to be doing a good job.

The real news, however, is that Galloway appears to be out, and Clayton will start with Bryant moving to Galloway's spot. The two receivers are both excellent run blockers and should be able to get open and make some plays if Griese doesn't overthrow guys again. Clayton was the best receiver in the off-season and Training Camp, with Bryant looking a little better in Pre-season, but not much. This could be the future, or it might not. We will certainly see. The one thing this does give the Bucs, however, is the ability to keep the same receivers on the field whether it's a pass or run. With Clayton and Bryant both likely to be out there on every run play, the perimeter runs may open up even more, and we've already seen Graham bust a couple of long ones on the edge.

The big question will be if Clayton can stay away from his perceived issue with dropped passes (in reality he's been about average in this area with the majority of NFL receivers, but those big play drops really shine the spotlight on him). It might be a good thing if he can catch an easy, wide open, big play pass early on, as it would get that off his mind and he can do with the easy passes what he usually does with the tough to catch passes...catch 'em. I'm hopeful that Clayton and Bryant will run with this opportunity and perhaps provide us with a highly potent one-two big receiver punch.

Here's to hoping!


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