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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will Caddy Be Activated?

One has to wonder, with Graham and Dunn nursing injuries, whether or not the Bucs plan to activate Williams and use him on some plays Sunday. So far it appears that he will definitely be elevated to the 53 man roster, and appears to be working out hard to get into football shape. Having taken some hits this week, and believing that the knee is stronger now than before the injury, it shouldn't take too long before he can get in shape and have at least some impact.

What may be more critical to the Bucs' running game, however, is the status of Askew. His blocking and receiving have been sorely missed, and forced Graham into a "do it all" role. Cook is OK, and allows Graham to run more, but Cook's blocking isn't in the same league as Askew's. If Caddy does get some reps, it will be better if Askew is out there to open some holes.

In any case, the Bucs will need to find a way to get their running game going again, though they may have to start completing more plays over 30 yards in length (through the air, that is) so they can get defenses stretched again. Teams are daring us to beat them deep, and Garcia's been missing or failing to throw the passes. If Caddy comes back, he may not have room to run if the Bucs can't get that safety out of the box on more occasions.


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