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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bucs Game Nearly Sold Out

Just as Ticketmaster and the Bucs decided to open the ticket sales to outside residents, the number of available tickets had dropped to under 500. So the last 500 or so will probably get snatched up by a combination of Giants fans and Bucs fans who live out of state. The available number of tickets dwindled down just in time, as it could have allowed a rather large contingent of Giants fans to buy up the tickets when there were still over 1000 available.

With the negativity from the local media and the bad housing market in the local area (rising ARM's, outrageous home owner's insurance, rapidly increasing property taxes, construction jobs falling out, etc...), many fans simply had to say no to paying the rather large sum of money involved in making a playoff ticket purchase. For season ticket holders, they had to buy all of their seats, and for both possible games, or forfeit them. You can't simply buy one ticket for one game. That made it a very expensive proposition for many fans. Overall, though, it looks like the stadium will still be fully packed with Bucs fans, and we'll have to deal with a couple thousand Giants fans, I'm sure.


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